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Who is a Candidate for Dental Implants

man admiring his new dental implant in a mirrorDental implants are a good way to replace your lost teeth. If you are suffering from tooth loss, you might consider dental as a lasting solution to your situation. Our oral surgeon at Gresham Dental Excellence will conduct a complete evaluation of your oral and general health to find out if you are medically fit for the operation. Here, we look at the qualities of a good dental implant candidate.

Healthy Gums

Your gums should be in good health before the process. The dentist will work on your gums to create space for the implant to pass through. Any signs of periodontal disease will disqualify you for the surgery because infected gums might bring about more problems and be a cause of failure for the implants. If you have gum infection and symptoms of periodontal disease, you will be required to get treatment first before having implants installed.

Inadequate Bone

After the loss of a tooth, the bone beneath it starts to degrade. If the tooth remains for long without replacement, the bone deteriorates to the extent that it cannot hold an implant. If your bone is too thin, its mass can be increased through bone grafts. Bone loss can also lead to changes in your bite. Teeth adjacent to the gap tend to shift towards it, where the bone has suffered severe deterioration. This irregular bite has to be corrected first before getting dental implants.

Good Oral and General Health

Your oral hygiene practices should be of high standards if you are intending to have dental implants. Good oral hygiene will keep gum disease and infections at bay. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily will help keep your teeth and gums free from infections. With implants, you will clean them just like your natural teeth for good oral health. Also, make regular visits to the dentist for checkups.

A look into your past medical records is also very important before having implants. Some medical conditions, like diabetes and cancer, may interfere with the process of having implants. Share with your dentist if you are also currently using any prescription medications as some affect the procedure. The dentist should have a clear knowledge of your general health. This will help decide your treatment plan.


If you tend to grind and clench your teeth during sleep, you have a condition known as bruxism. This is a dangerous habit if you are planning on having implants. The grinding and clenching of the teeth can cause damage to the implants.

Tobacco Use

The use of tobacco is known to affect oral health. If you smoke or use tobacco products, consider quitting if you want to have implants. Tobacco can have effects on the results.


It will take a few stages and a considerable amount of time for you to have working implants. The surgery involved will require time for your mouth to heal before crowns are fitted for use. The whole process may take up to six months or more, depending on your specific condition. Call [[[CLENT:OfficeNumber]]] to set up an appointment with our dentist at [[[CLENTEX:PracticeName]]] today!
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