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Preparing for Implants

3D rendered cross-section view of a dental implant placed in the jawDental implants work by being attached to the jawbone using a surgical process. Like any other surgical procedure, you need to be prepared as the patient. At Gresham Dental Excellence, we will take you through the process step by step to ensure that you get your dream smile and heal in a timely manner. Below are some of the preparations you can make to have a successful dental implant surgery.

Get a Medical Examination

Taking a medical exam before surgery of any kind is important. For dental surgery, a dental exam will assist the dentist in understanding your oral health better. This will be done through x-rays, scans, visual observations, and looking at your medical history.

A medical exam will show important things to be taken into consideration before the surgery. For instance, your immune system has to be strong, and if not so, you will be administered antibiotics. The dentist will also check to see if you are allergic to certain types of anesthesia and look for alternatives. Your jawbone has to be strong. The bone should have enough mass to hold the implant. If it is too thin, grafting and reshaping will be done.

Get Rest

Before the operation, you ought to take a good rest. Take time to rest well and have a good sleep the day before surgery. This will ensure you are energized for the process and recovery.

Restrain from Eating and Drinking

General anesthesia requires that you do not eat at least 12 hours before surgery. Try and avoid eating 12 hours before your surgery if the dentist has confirmed you will need general anesthesia during your operation. Some types of sedation will allow you to eat up to the morning of the surgery. For this kind of sedation, eat breakfast, as usual. Your oral surgeon will provide instructions on when to stop eating, depending on the type of sedation that will be used.

Change Your Diet

You should prepare for some adjustments in your diet after getting dental implants. You will not be able to eat hard foods at first because of the delicate condition of your newly placed implants. Stock up on soft foods like pasta, smoothies, juices, nutritional drinks, and the like.

Plan Your Schedule Well in Advance

Working or engaging in activities that will strain you physically will not promote healing. Make arrangements at your place of work to have the first few days off after surgery. You will also need to avoid physical activities.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene is mandatory in any dental situation. It is the key to good oral hygiene and the prevention of infections. Brush and floss your teeth well to keep away germs that may cause infection before the surgery. You can utilize antibacterial mouthwash as well. A clean mouth will also make you confident.

Contact and book an appointment with our oral surgeon at Gresham Dental Excellence. The dentist will take you through the process from initial preparations to the final appointment.
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