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Oral Hygiene

Couple brushing teethHygiene plays a crucial role in many aspects of our life. You need good hygiene to survive and thrive. Oral hygiene is part of our daily hygiene and oral health routine. Taking care of your teeth, tongue, gums, and mouth, in general, will make your oral health good. Oral hygiene does not mean only brushing and rinsing your teeth. Not only is brushing done incorrectly, but the number of times that it is done in a day is also not observed by many people.

Apart from that, brushing alone is not enough to make your mouth clean. There are other things to be observed, including regular visits to the dentist for cleanings and checkups. At Gresham Dental Excellence we provide many dental services, including teeth cleanings and checkups. We will also advise you on proper oral care and how to improve your dental health. At our dental office, we help you maintain oral hygiene in different ways.

Brushing Your Teeth

Taking your time to brush your teeth properly during every cleaning session will give you excellent results. Choose your toothbrush well too. A soft-bristled toothbrush will work well, as you will brush your teeth without causing harm to the tooth enamel and gums. Brush your teeth gently, not to harm the enamel. Do this for about two minutes, twice daily.

Remember to brush correctly in circular motions, tilting the toothbrush at 45 degrees when brushing the back teeth. Prior to going to bed, brush your teeth to remove food debris and plaque gathered in your mouth during the day. Plaque also builds up in your mouth when you are sleeping. Brush your teeth in the morning as well.

Flossing the Teeth

There are places in your teeth that are hard to reach with normal brushing. It is easy for plaque to build up in such places, eventually hardening to tartar if left there for a long time. Flossing at least once a day helps remove food debris and plaque stuck between the teeth above the gum line.

Cleaning the Tongue

Bad breath is associated with the biofilm on the tongue. Plaque can build up on your tongue just like it accumulates on the teeth and gums. Clean your tongue by brushing with your toothbrush softly.

Choose the Right Kind of Toothpaste

When buying toothpaste, look for one that will clean and kill germs that cause decay. Toothpaste with fluoride is recommended because fluoride works well in defending teeth against decay.

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash is another effective way to clean hard-to-reach areas of your teeth. It cleans the gums and reduces acid levels in the mouth. It also provides fresh breath.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is important for your health. It plays a vital role even in your oral health. Drinking water after every meal, for instance, will help clear food particles and reduce the effect of sticky, sugary, and acidic foods.

Regular Dental Visits

Visit our dentist at least twice a year for dental cleanings and checkups. In addition to clearing plaque, bacteria, and tartar from the mouth, regular visits can catch potential oral issues in advance, thus ensuring timely interventions.

Call (971) 431-7292 to book an appointment with Gresham Dental Excellence for your dental checkup and teeth cleaning.
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