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Dental Exam
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Smiling woman in dental chair looking up at dental assistantOne of the most important aspects of maintaining good oral health is regular checkups with the dentist, and this includes making sure you are coming in regularly to see us for an examination. Dental assessments will help keep your gums, teeth, and jaw healthy by preventing infections and other oral complications. We recommend that you come in two times each year to see us here at Gresham Dental Excellence.

How Do I Prepare My Child for Their First Dental Exam?

If you have a child, it is essential also to take them for dental examinations as well. Dental exams are not only meant for adults. Your child’s teeth need to be well taken care of. But as you know, sometimes going to a new place can be stressful for a child, but if you make it fun, they will want to go.

Also, making an appointment online before you arrive will save you time and help keep your child engaged in something fun until it is their turn. During your visit, be sure to bring up any concerns or questions that are bothering you. Our dentist here at Gresham Dental Excellence is always open to any questions patients ask. You can also call us at (971) 431-7292 if you have any questions for our dentist or pediatric dentists.
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We recommend that you come in two times each year to see us here at Gresham Dental Excellence. Click to learn more or give us a call today!
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