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Caring For Your Implant

Woman brushing her teeth to keep her dental implant healthyDental implants replace lost teeth. You will have the feeling of natural teeth, as they are made in such a way that your mouth will function just like in its normal state. Talking, biting, and chewing with dental implants will be the same as with natural teeth.

However, they have to be cared for in a way for you to enjoy their service for a long time. At Gresham Dental Excellence, you will get quality dental implants from our dentist, and you will also be taught how to properly care for them. Follow the steps below for a long-lasting experience with implants.

Oral Hygiene

If you do not observe your oral hygiene, the chances of developing peri-implantitis are high. This is a gum disease that affects the gums surrounding your implants. It is similar to periodontal disease whereby the gums become red, tender, and inflamed. By cleaning your teeth well and observing the practice daily, you will keep your gums and implants safe from this disease.

Brush your teeth twice daily to keep infection-causing germs away. Floss your teeth once daily to remove plaque from between the teeth and gum line. Plaque accumulates easily around implants, and these places are hard for a toothbrush to reach. Use floss specially designed to clean implants.

Choose Your Toothbrush Carefully

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth when you have implants. A hard-bristled toothbrush is not recommended as it may damage your implants. They scratch implants and damage the tooth enamel. Brush gently without applying a lot of pressure to the teeth and implants to avoid damage to both implants and your tooth enamel.

Use Low Abrasive Toothpaste

Toothpaste is made to remove plaque and stains from the teeth. This makes normal toothpaste abrasive enough to damage implants. Choose less abrasive toothpaste to clean your dental implant to avoid harm. Avoid whitening toothpastes, as they are also very abrasive.

Refrain From Alcohol

Sugar is a catalyst for plaque accumulation. The sugar content in alcohol is very high, making it risky for tooth decay. The consumption of alcohol also makes the healing process of implants slow. Refrain from consuming alcohol until you are fully recovered after receiving dental implants.

Stop Smoking

Smoking and tobacco products have a negative impact on your oral health. Smoking can cause tooth decay and even cancer. It also stains the teeth. During the healing time after getting implants, do not smoke, as it will slow the process. The gums may be weakened around the implant, leading to inflammation.


This is the habit of teeth grinding. It can be damaging for dental implants. Use a mouth guard to minimize the stress exerted on the implants by grinding teeth.

Make Regular Dental Visits

Maintaining normal visits to the dentist will help the dentist monitor your dental implants. In case of any problems, detection will be made early enough for rectification. At you will have your implants fitted well and be provided with directions on how to care for them. Contact for a consultation.

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